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The Grass is Greener

the grass is greener on the other side

Many of us are familiar with the phase, "the grass is greener on the other side." The only problem is, when we finally achieve the goal of reaching the proverbial other side, the grass does, indeed, appear greener on the side we just came from.

The Wiccan Rede

Author Unknown
Bide ye the Wiccan laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust.

Ye must live and let live, fairly take and fairly give.

Cast the Circle thrice about, to keep unwelcome spirits out.

To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be spoken in rhyme.

Soft of eye and light of touch, speak ye little and listen much.

Deosil go by waxing moon, chanting out the Wiccan runes.

Widdershins go by waning moon, chanting out a baneful tune.

When the Lady’s moon is new, kiss the hand to her times two.


by G Kumar
In the West Pythagorus discovered the the Law of Vibration.

This Law states that each number has a particular vibration. Astro-Numerology is the synthesis of Astrology and Numerology, the perfect integration between the science of the Heavens and the Science of Numbers!

The nine numbers correspond to the nine planets in Astrology.

Gods, Goddesses and Deities Celtic

Here is another great resource that was found while scouring the WiccaNet Archives. I'm reposting it here for easy access and so you can have a glimpse of some of the articles that await you. May you find what you seek!

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Celtic Briton

Amaethon - Welsh god of agriculture

Arianrhod - Earth goddess.

Belatu-Cadros - Also Belatucadros. God of war and destruction of enemies.

Bran - A hero god, protector of poetry and the underworld.

Branwen - Goddess of love and beauty.

Herbs And Their Magical Properties

We found this amoung our archives, and since it is always good information to have on hand, thought we would repost it. May you find what you are seeking.

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ACACIA = Air/Sun Wood Protection, Psychic Enhancement Burn while you announce your desire. You can also add to burn with other appropriate herbs for money and friendship

ALLSPICE = Fire/Mars Dried Fruit Money, Luck and Healing Burn the crushed dried berries for attracting money and luck. Add to mixtures for healing. Can use in a healing herbal bath.

Family and Magick: Apple Tree Ritual

Many people have the misconception that magick has to always be formal, in a ritual, with all the right words, motions, tools, and so on. This is soooo not true! Magick can be a part of our everyday lives. When we have families (and even if we don't) magick can be a fun way to spend time together.

Although I have had many magickal moments with my family, one of my all-time favorites was the apple tree ritual we did one year. Our apple tree was (at the time) very small and had only produced a few, very delicious apples. The children were still very young.

We Appreciate our Patrons

We consider those who visit our page in earnest search of information or to share things with those who are like-minded to be among our greatest blessings. This page is not for those who created it or administrate it, but for those who come seeking or offering to teach. Up until this point, it has been an unspoken rule that we treat others with respect. Other than the obvious, this also means that we do not allow hotlinks to sites that offer content to mature audiences. Some of our patrons are minors, and we will not allow this.

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Thank you Katerina!

Katerina wrote this in reqponse to sharing Wiccan knowledge on the web. It is a new world, and we, here at WiccaNet appreciate the variety of perspectives we encounter every day. Thank you, Katerina, for not hiding among the shadows and for speaking as your heart and mind compels you!