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Wiccan Timeline
Wiccan Timeline as posted on August 13, 2004

A lot has changed since this timeline was posted in August of 2004. Even so, this may give you an idea of where Wicca began and some of the important events that changed the face of Wicca to what we see today. We are not claiming that this is 100% accurate or even all-inclusive. We offer it here as merely a starting point from which you may continue your journey if that is your desire.

312 Christianity Becomes State Religion Of The Roman Empire (BAPTISM Or DEATH)

552 Council Of Constantinople Declares Reincarnation To Be Heresy

1215 Canon La Excommunicate Witches

1484 Pope Innoceny, VII Antey Witchcraft Papal Bull

1486 The Malleus Maleficarum By: Forger (See 1898)

1566 THE GOLDEN ASS Translated By: W. Adlington (See 1951)

1579 Witchcraft in Early Modern Scotland : King James' Demonology & the North Berwick Witches by Lawrence Normand (Editor), Gareth Roberts (Editor) By: King James

1590 North Berwick Coven Attempts To Sink King James' Ship.

1591 King James Of Scotland Has Members Of The North Berwick Coven Burned Alive.

1603 King James Of England Declares Witchcraft A Capital Crime.

1688 Salem Witch Trials

1727 Last Official Burning Of Witch In Scotland

1736 Witch Act Of 1603 Repealed And Replaced With A Declaration That Witchcraft Does Not Exist.

End of Burnning Times

1877 Mabinogion Translated By Lady Charlotte Guest Other Translations of The Mabinogion

1899 Aradia, Gospel of the Witches By: Leland, Charles Godfrey

1890 THE GOLDEN BOUGHY Translated By Sir By: James Frazer

1890-91 MUTTER RECHTY (First Book On Goddess Worship) Published By: Bachoffen (First Book On Goddess Worship)

1898 Forgery Of Malleus Maleficarum Discovered After 41 Years

1914 The Key of Solomon the King : Clavicula Salomonis By: S. L. MacGregor Mathers (Translator)

1915 Witch Stoned To Death By Mob In Texas (Last Known Public Murder



1931 God of the Witches By: Murray, Margaret

1939-41 Gerald B. Gardner Initiated Into A "English/Saxon Coven"

1948 The White Goddess; A Historical Grammer of Poetic Myth By: Graves, Robert

1949 HIGH MAGIC'S AIDSY By Scire (Gerald B. Gardner)

1951 Witch Act Of 1736 Repealed

1951 Witchcrafy Today By: Gerald B. Gardner

1959 The Meaning Of Witchcraft By: Gerald B. Gardner

Beginning Of Feminist Political Influence On Wicca

1963 The Greay Mother, An Analysis Of The Archetypey By: Erich Neumann

1963 Raymond Buckland Brings "Gardnerian Tradition To USA.

1964 WITCHES' ESBAT by Robert Cochrane [New Dimensions (Vol 2 No 10)]

1964 THE CRAFT TODAY By Robert Cochrane [Pentagram (2) November 1964]

1965 THE FAITH OF THE WISE by Robert Cochrane [Pentagram (4) August1965]

1965 ON CORDS By Robert Cochrane [Pentagram (3) March 1965]

1966 1734 Tradition Comes To USA For Second Time.

1967 National Organization Of Woman Formed

1969 King of the witches: the world of Alex Sanders By: June Johns

Self Initiation Begins

1970 Grimoire Of Shadows: Witchcraft, Paganism And Magic (The Gardnerian Outer Country By: Fitch, Ed)

1970 Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtainy By: Sheila Ostrander

1972 The Grimoire Of Lady Shebay By: Jessie Wicker Bell

1972 Susan B. Anthony Coven Formed By Z. Budapest

1973 Saxon Witchcraft Founded By Raymond Buckland

1974 Tree: The Complete Book Of Saxon Witchcraft By: Buckland, Raymond

1975 The Feminisy Book Of Lighy And Shadowsy The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries : Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, Spellcasting, and Other Womanly Arts.../Complete in One Volume By: Zsuzsanna Budapest

1975 Covenant Of The Goddess (COG) Founded

1976 When God Was a Woman By: Merlin Stone

1979 Spiral Dance: A Rebirth Of The Ancient Religion Of By: Starhawk

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